Florence Lillian DELION (nee Jacklin)

April 2, 2010

On March 30, 2010, Florence Lillian Delion (nee Jacklin) passed away after a battle with cancer. I know that the whole Delion family, the Jacklin family, McLean family, and various friends, relatives and neighbours will miss her dearly.

Mike Delion, her son, had this obituary posted:

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Wed at 2:22pm
Delion, Florence Lillian (Jacklin) of Listowel after a fearless battle with cancer in her 74th year at Listowel Memorial Hospital Tuesday, March 30, 2010. Survived by her husband Gordon, her children; Bob (Alice) of Salt Spring Island, BC, Kim (Ross) of Lantzville, BC, Barry of New Westminster BC, Randy (Beverly) of Calgary, AB, Beth and Mike (Kevin) of Kitchener. She is also survived by her brothers, Harry (Mary Ellen) Jacklin of Newry, Bill (Betty) Jacklin, of Huron Park and her sister, Cathy Widmeyer of Waterloo. Florence was a loving Grandma to Sarah (Ryan), Austin, Emily, Gavin, Curtis and Natalie. A Special Aunt of many nieces and nephews. Mom held a place in her heart for Ilona and her family, and of course, Trudy, who shall miss her most. Florence was predeceased by her parents, Harold and Marie Jacklin, one brother, Edward, and by her in laws, Harry and Elizabeth Delion, her brother in law, Harry and sister in law Marg Dixon.

At Florence’s request, there will be no visitation or funeral. Cremation will follow. A celebration of her life memorial will be held at Trowbridge United Church hall at a later date. Arrangements entrusted to Schimanski Family Funeral Home of Brussels. Donations to North Perth Community Hospice and Relay for Life in her memory would be appreciated by the family.

The memorial service for this amazing woman, will be held April 24, 2010. The following, again posted by Mike on Facebook, about the memorial service:

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Yesterday at 4:47am
The service to Celebrate the Life of Florence Delion will be Saturday, April 24, 2010 from 1-4 pm at Trowbridge United Church. It will be an informal gathering and please feel free to send your memories to me at mikedelion@rogers.com. Thanks to everyone for their words of sympathy and kindness, my heart is filled by the outpouring from all my FB friends.

I have also included a note on my blog for March 31, 2010, as I am in Taiwan, and there is a +12-hour time difference. You can see this blog entry at:

xyvius.wordpress.com (search for March 31, 2010)

We will all miss you, but remember you as well, Aunt Flossy…
Nephew Bill Jr.


William Henry JACKLIN & Elizabeth Jane ELLIS

March 19, 2010

Okay, so here’s a post regarding MY immediate family.

My father married my mother, November 11, 1961… Coincidentally, that was also my mother’s parents anniversary, and as most Canadians and other nationalities recognize, Remembrance Day. So, of course, in our family, mom and dad’s anniversary was NEVER EVER FORGOTTEN – no excuses!

I am the eldest of six children. My name being William Joseph (b: Mar 13/62 02:17am). My siblings are as follows, in order of birth: Brian Edward (b: Apr 15/63 ???); Barry Douglas (b: Feb 21/65 ???); Betty Debra Jane (b: Feb 12/71 ???); Brenda Robin Jean (b: Feb 20/75 ???); and Bradley David Scott (b: May 05/78 ???). The question marks can be later edited when I find out birth times, if anyone is interested or knows.

A little of our ‘tour of duty’ in Ontario. I was born in Clinton, where apparently, we lived during my first year. During the second year, when Brian Edward was born, we lived in Seaforth. After that, it was in London, where I spent the better part of my growing years. Aside from a ‘change of pace’ in Granton for a couple of years, we lived in various residences in the Forest City.

Now, let’s see if I can remember some of the addresses we lived at, for those that want to take a ‘shunpiker’ trip around London.

96 McNay Street
693 Elias Street
GRANTON (about 1/2 hour drive north along Highbury Avenue, at the end turn right and then left, and follow along for about 3km)
69 Wellington Street (NOT Road – before the bridge if you head south)
Some place in the south end for about a month, maybe??
806 Huron Street
36 Connaught Avenue

P.S. Notice the ‘6’ in each address… weird, huh?

This is where my trail with family ended. I know they did move around some more (i.e., Denbigh, Ontario; Huron Park, Ontario), but I can’t give those for sure, because, well, I’m not exactly sure what’s happened in the past 10 years!

To my knowledge, mom and dad now reside in Huron Park, Ontario, and my five siblings all reside in London. I, on the other hand, presently live in Tainan, Taiwan.

I have been in Taiwan for the past 8 years, teaching English to students ranging in age from 4-36. Yes, a large age bracket, but suffice it to say, that the core of my classes are students in Grades 1-8. At present, I teach about 47 hours per week, and see, from Monday-Sunday, over 430 students total.

To read what my life is like in Taiwan, I have started writing a daily blog. I try to aim for at least 1000 words (to prove to my students that it IS possible to write), but more because, once I start writing, it’s sometimes hard to stop. Nonetheless, you are invited to look over my blog, and feel free (if the urge is there) to leave a comment or two. No pressure. The blog address is: http://xyvius.wordpress.com

I’m a Jacklin!

March 12, 2010

It’s strange when you think about it…but I’m actually a part of four different families (Jacklin, Ellis, Harvey, Clark)… that I know of. But what really do I know about the Jacklins?

Growing up a Jacklin, there were trips to see Grandma Jacklin in Listowel, Uncle Harry and Aunt Mary Ellen Jacklin in the big house in Trowbridge and Aunt Flossy and Uncle Gord, with their house full of dogs! These are the most vivid trips for me, yet over the years the visits became fewer and fewer and I didn’t stay in touch with my cousins very much. Until social networking sites (ie. Facebook) came to be…

I am very thankful for these sites, along with blogging tools, that help family members stay in contact. Even with my immediate family (parents, siblings), I rely on these sites to stay up to date with what’s going on in everyone’s lives. And this blog should help ALL Jacklins stay in contact!

I remember looking out of Grandma’s apartment at the park across the way; and the great Christmas get-togethers at Uncle Harry’s house; and the busyness of Uncle Gord’s taxi business. Great memories! It will be wonderful to share these memories with my family and hear about their memories in return!

Robin Harvey (daughter of Bill and Betty Jacklin)
My blog

Scott here

March 11, 2010

Youngest brother of Bill.  Just a quick hi to all family.  I’ll have tons to write, I’m sure, when I have time.  Just wanted to make sure I was on here at the start.

Hello fellow JACKLIN!!

March 11, 2010

No matter how much blood you have in your system, you are part of the JACKLIN family.  The following blog entries are personal writings from members of YOUR family.  From direct bloodline, to maybe only having 1/8, or 1/16, or 1/1000000 of a drop, you are still part of the family.

Enjoy reading about your family.  Enjoy writing about your family.  Tell everyone how you’re related.  Tell everyone your stories.  Post a link to your own blog site or a blog message, if it is related to the JACKLIN family.

I have created this in the hopes that all of us can get a better understanding of who we are, who we are related to, how we got, and where we’re all going.  I hope that this will also be a tool for our younger and future generations to read.  Wouldn’t it have been interesting, had computers been around 100 years ago, and something like this had started.  We would have had stories from our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, those that have passed… all for us to enjoy now.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at xyvius@hotmail.com.  If you are a JACKLIN relative, I will pass on the username and password so that you can enter your own blog entry.  Please, do not delete other’s entries.  Add comments if you feel something should be corrected, but please do not change what is already entered.

Have fun with this, and I am looking forward to each and every story…  as will others.

After you have finished with your entry, and you’re happy with it, press the UPDATE or PUBLISH button (blue) to the right of the screen.  This will save the message in the blog.  Then, please sign off.  I’m uncertain whether more than one computer can sign on at a time, but if you can remember, sign off after each use.